weird noise

Daryl Phipps phippsd at
Tue Sep 30 21:37:25 CEST 2003

Hi.  If you're experiencing the same problem I am, that noise you're 
hearing is probably your floppy drive.

Ben Anderson wrote:
> this may be more of a question for IBM, but hopefully somone else has 
> the same problem.  When I launch KDE(full) , my computer starts making 
> weird noises and so I just abort.  It may not be a problem - it's just 
> I'm at work.  This noise it makes seems to be the same noise as when I 
> do this:
> banderso at DEVCPM7R /cygdrive
> $ ls
> c  f  g  h  i  j  k  p  t  w  x  z
> The other letters are mapped network drives.
> this is the only way I've regenerated the noise.  And it only works on 
> this directory.  Maybe it's searching for more drives - I don't know.  
> When I do the above command, It pauses for a few seconds makes the 
> noise(but only briefly) and then displays.
I think the brief noise is normal behavior.  I _think_ it's cygwin 
scanning your floppy drive to see if its accessible under the cygdrive 
directory.  This happens on my computer, and in windows explorer, it 
will do the same thing if you click the floppy drive when it's empty.

> When I've tried to launch 
> KDE - it doesn't stop making the noise.  I know the X Server works fine, 
> becuase I use that.  Anyways, I know this is a weird thing, but it seems 
> like it happens when it's querying the machine to see what hard disks 
> are present.
I'm sure this wasn't supposed to happen, and I honestely don't know if 
it hurts the drive or not.  I have never heard a floppy drive make its 
noise as loud or fast as mine does now when I run KDE.  Then again, this 
is still a new computer for me, so it could just be a naturally louder 

Anyway, I figured I'd at least tell you that I am having the same 
problem, and so is someone else that posted on 9/03/03.  They never got 
an answer, but I hope we will.

Daryl Phipps.

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