weird noise

Ben Anderson stuts_andersonbd1 at
Thu Sep 25 18:48:04 CEST 2003

this may be more of a question for IBM, but hopefully somone else has the 
same problem.  When I launch KDE(full) , my computer starts making weird 
noises and so I just abort.  It may not be a problem - it's just I'm at 
work.  This noise it makes seems to be the same noise as when I do this:

banderso at DEVCPM7R /cygdrive
$ ls
c  f  g  h  i  j  k  p  t  w  x  z

The other letters are mapped network drives.
this is the only way I've regenerated the noise.  And it only works on this 
directory.  Maybe it's searching for more drives - I don't know.  When I do 
the above command, It pauses for a few seconds makes the noise(but only 
briefly) and then displays.  When I've tried to launch KDE - it doesn't stop 
making the noise.  I know the X Server works fine, becuase I use that.  
Anyways, I know this is a weird thing, but it seems like it happens when 
it's querying the machine to see what hard disks are present.
Ben Anderson

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