Restarting my job on QT2 Win32 Port!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon Sep 22 23:07:33 CEST 2003

Hi all!!!

In the last weeks my job ha been very time consuming
at the point of make my free time almost zero, because
of that i was working very slow(the most i did is
hunting memory leaks, also i was downloaded the
qt3-mac GPL, althought i don't know nothing about MAC
API, even never in my life i'd taked a APPLE computer,
but there are things in the MAC api that are more
close to Win-API, as i was think), for know i'm
working on the finalization of pixmaps stuff
(::convertFromImage and ::convertToImage)

BTW: Dows anyone knows if my last patch that i send to
Richard was commited or not?????

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