AW: two small problems with kde-cygwin

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Sep 17 11:00:09 CEST 2003

Hi gene,

> i recently installed kde 3.1.1 on my w2k pc. overall,
> it works well aside from somewhat sluggish response --
> i guess it's time to upgrade to a faster processor.
> two small software-related problems:
> 1.  when i request for help from the toolbar icon, each item
>      in the contents panel of the help window is
>      repeated; i.e., the first few items read:
>               Welcome to KDE
>               Welcome to KDE
>               KDE user's manual
>               KDE user's manual
>               Application Manuals
>               Application Manuals
>                        etc.
I have noticed this sometime too, but currently have not idea where this is
caused by. It would be nice if someone could take a look at this.

> 2.  when i invoke the "maximal Desktop,"
>      an xterm window doesn't work properly
>      when invoked using "xterm &" from
>      a Konsole window; specifically, no text
>      gets displayed in the xterm, either when typed
>      from the keyboard or output from the OS. all
>      i see in the xterm is the cursor (without prompt),
>      which responds appropriately to line feeds.
>     strangely, this probem does NOT occur when
>     i employ the "minimal Desktop;"  in other words,
>     an xterm invoked from a Konsole window works
>     fine in minimal mode. is buying more memory the "cure?"
please compare the environment settings through the "set" command before
starting the xterm in the two cases if they are different. It may be that
the SHELL var points to a wrong shell.
case 1:
1. Start KDE complete
2. open konsole
3. enter set >set_case1.log

case 2:
1. Start KDE minimal
2. open konsole
3. enter set >set_case2.log

diff set_case1.log set_case2.log

BTW: Why are you using xterm when you can get konsole ?


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