two small problems with kde-cygwin

Alexander Gottwald Alexander.Gottwald at
Mon Sep 8 00:17:24 CEST 2003

Gene C. Ruzicka wrote:

> i recently installed kde 3.1.1 on my w2k pc. overall,
> it works well aside from somewhat sluggish response --
> i guess it's time to upgrade to a faster processor.
> two small software-related problems:

Your questions are very closely bound to KDE. The kde-cygwin at
mailinglist is the correct place for your questions.

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> 1.  when i request for help from the toolbar icon, each item
>      in the contents panel of the help window is
>      repeated; i.e., the first few items read:
>               Welcome to KDE
>               Welcome to KDE
>               KDE user's manual
>               KDE user's manual
>               Application Manuals
>               Application Manuals
>                        etc.
> 2.  when i invoke the "maximal Desktop,"
>      an xterm window doesn't work properly
>      when invoked using "xterm &" from
>      a Konsole window; specifically, no text
>      gets displayed in the xterm, either when typed
>      from the keyboard or output from the OS. all
>      i see in the xterm is the cursor (without prompt),
>      which responds appropriately to line feeds.
>     strangely, this probem does NOT occur when
>     i emply the "minimal Desktop;"  in other words,
>     an xterm invoked from a Konsole window works
>     fine. is buying more memory the "cure?"
> gene

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