Fresh kde-3.1.1-b1 cannot find some dlls

Jan Henrik Sylvester jan_henrik at
Tue Jun 17 19:39:32 CEST 2003

> From: ralf.habacker at
> Hi,
> >Hi!
> >I installed "setup-kde-3.1.1-b1.exe" to a cygwin install, on which
> >no version of kde was installed before.
> >After adding the kde path by hand (the installer did not do it),
> >at least some of it runs fine. During startup I get errors from
> >  kwin.exe (kwin.dll not found)
> >  kicker.exe (cygkickermain-1.dll not found)
> >and the desktop does not work (as you can imagine).
> >From kde 2 beta, I remember you had to install some kde 1 package,
> >but I cannot remember which one and I haven't found anything in
> >the release notes or requirements.
> >So, what is missing?
> Which os are you using ? We have encountered environment problem 
> with Xp and ME. There is a patched startkde.bat in this list. 
> Search for startkde.bat or similar. 

Thanks. Windows XP. I'll look for it. Though, I did add
C:\cygwin\opt\kde3\bin to my path manually. Is the installer
supposed to do that? For ME and any NT version you need to append
it to the value of the registry key "PATH" under
"SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session Manager\\Environment"
in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then post the message below.

Anyhow, I don't think that's the cause. With an Administrator-User
KDE starts just fine. The error only occurs as a (Power-) User that
has only read access to the cygwin tree except for the /home/<user>
(full access) and /tmp (create files / directories, full access to
own files, and no access to foreign files) directory. Does KDE need
special privileges for other directories?

> >BTW: What is the explorer kill and restart during install good for?
> >If you want to refresh the environment, an api call like this
> >                     (LPARAM) "Environment", SMTO_ABORTIFHUNG, 5000,
> >&dummy);
> >is more appropriate.
> Thanks for this hint. I will try to add this to the installer. 

That does not affect running command prompts and -- well any program
that ignores this message. The explorer.exe will reread the
environment. Thus, it'll affect any new process started, but I'm not
sure about the ones started by processes that have not updated their

Jan Henrik

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