[PATCH] trivial build fixes

Andy Goossens andygoossens at pandora.be
Tue Jun 17 19:07:23 CEST 2003


I'm subscribed at kde-cygwin--cvs at lists.sourceforge.net and I just saw new 
qt2-win32 CVS commits (hooray!)

I didn't have much time lately, but I have a patch that might be handy...

What is in the patch? Several things:

* I disabled the tools directory from compiling. Designer and several tools in 
there have trouble compiling.

* One fix is the same as Richard's commit just moments ago :-)
[ -h include/qwidget.h ] || (cd include; rm -f q*.h;  for i in 
$(QTDIR)/src/*/q*.h $(QTDIR)/extensions/*/src/q*.h; do ln -s $$i .; done; rm 
-f q*_p.h)

* The "HICON" problem. Richard disabled the code complety, but I think I found 
a solution.
"ExtractIconExA" returns "UINT" not "HICON".

* Last but not least ;-) Don't include "include <netinet/in.h>" in 
qpainter_win32.cpp because it breaks compilation.

That is all :-)

// Andy Goossens

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