QT3 Win32 Port!!!!!

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at home.se
Mon Jul 14 23:45:46 CEST 2003


> I had saw your project, and i would like to help, i don't 
> have so much QT programming experience, neither X programming 
> experience.  I had programmed for Windows enviroments, Win32 
> API, MFC.  The languajes i was used are C/C++(Microsoft, 
> Borland), Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, basicly. 

Very nice to hear, especially that you're experienced in
Win32 api and c++ as that's what's beeing used.
When I started working on this I hadn't written a single
line of win32 api. 

> I had downloaded the code from the CVS, but using a tool 
> called TortoiseCVS and not using the cygwin environment, the 
> i don't have internet connection fulltime in my home (is via 
> Phone) and for now i'd download Cygwin in my jod but i need 
> to carry it to my house, well i solve that.  Then for i have 
> the Source but noy Cygwin environment, i want to know if it's 
> posible to compile QT3-W32 using a borland compiler o MS 
> compiler, what i need to do this???

I'm not familiar with the borland compiler, but we're using
things in the cygwin dll, so we only have to port the ui
functions for a start, and get something working faster
(the cygwin dll provides an api for emulating unix functions).

So it might be possible to compile with borland, I don't know
but you need to have at least the cygwin dll installed
on your computer.

I would suggest to try to download the whole cygwin environment
in some way, as that's what's we're using to compile it, you
don't have to download too many packages to compile qt3-w32,
and I can help you out with a list of what packages you need
to have.

> I i want to start 
> testing something, changing some code, where can i start, i 
> was saw the page but i don't found a list of task, as before 
> when you have the list of clases that are ported.

It isn't there yet because things are chaning quite quickly
now when I have just started working on it, but it's mostly
the same things that are working in qt3 as there were in
qt2. Bitmaps is not working at all I think, so if you have
any experience in that, it would be very nice. Other things
that hasn't been worked on is DnD and the clipboard.

The best idea might be to try it out, see what's working and
what's not, and just try to fix what you know best, or what
you find most interesting or what's easiest.

> Another 
> question how can i subscribe to the mailing list?

Just go to http://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-cygwin
And fill in your email.

> Best Regards!!!!

Nice to hear from you!

Richard Lärkäng

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