Qt3 win32

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at home.se
Tue Jul 8 03:58:11 CEST 2003

Hi again

Just want to add a little about the status.
I've put a few screenshots at http://medlem.spray.se/larkang/qt3-win32/

As you can see, the painting things work
quite ok. No need to work on that at the

The widgets are a lot more broken. One
of the biggest problem is that things are
painting correctly, but at the wrong place.
It seems to be something with
client-to-global coordinates. I have
no idea where the problem is, but I hope it's
just a oneliner ;-)

Also the menu's are completely broken
(I can get menu's to pop up in the top
corner of the screen, but no menubar)

So the widget-painting and menu is what
I'm going to concentrate on atm

Richard Lärkäng

> Hi!
> I began porting qt2-win32 to qt3 last week,
> and now I'd like to put it in CVS, so
> I have a few questions.
> ...
> Richard Lärkäng

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