qt3 designer "no toolbar symbols"

Damian Proksch damian_proksch at onlinehome.de
Tue Aug 19 22:25:00 CEST 2003

I have installed cygwin-kde with qt3.0.4 from source-forge-net.
I have installed kdevelop2.

1.)    If i open first kdevelop and then from there qt-designer I have no toolbar symbols (buttons)
        In the bash shell I get following message:

           kio (KLauncher): KLauncher: Got start_service_by_desktop_path('Development/designer.desktop', ...)
           kdeinit: Got EXT_EXEC 'designer' from launcher.
           kdeinit: launch -> designer ☺
           library=designer.la: No file names designer.la found in paths.
           Could not load library! Trying exec....
           kio (KLauncher): designer (pid 1936) up and running.

        I really couldn't found this library on my System!

2.)    If I start kde2 it's booting more than 2 minutes!
        And every app ,I start, is loading a very long time, too.

I'm using winXP Professional, PIII 900MHz, 256 MB RAM

please answer me as soon as possible to following e-mail:

damian_proksch at onlinehome.de

thank's for your help and a lot of greetings

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