win32 port

Al Major almajor at
Fri Aug 15 06:06:10 CEST 2003

your work with the win32 port is pretty interesting. i happen to believe
that it won't have a huge impact on trolltech's commercial sales of windows
licenses. there's many many ISV's and OEM's and corporates that don't want
to license their product under GPL and will happily pay trolltech's
licencsing fees. plus people have a thing about being "guaranteed" support.

in a way, my major concern about this port is that if it winds up being
successful, trolltech is likely to release a GPL version of their windows
product as well. of course, that would be a good thing for users. however it
might be a bummer for you hard working folks on the QT3-Win32 project.

that would be my major hesitation in investing a lot of time into this
project. having said that, i've just started playing with building an app
under kde-cygwin and find the performance of kde under xfree to be kinda
slow. a native win32 port of qt might well solve the performance problem.
dunno. once i've got a first cut of the app done in KDE-cygwin, i'd be happy
to lend a hand with the port.

how far along is the port? are there complete apps running under it as yet?
are you attempting to eliminate the X-11 layer? or all of cygwin?



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