win32-X-executable vs win32-"normal-gui"-executable

Ralf Habacker
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:42:43 +0100

> Please forgive my ignorance about cygwin, I've been a linux user
> since 1993ish
> and have not touch windows in years.
> When I compile and link a qt application in cygwin, it becomes a
> win32 binary,
> capable of being run under Windows, correct?

> Now, is this qt application going to require an X server, and the X libraries
> to run? Meaning it's linked as a win32-X-executable, -not- a "normal"
> win32-gui executable?
Yes. Currently there is no native open source port of the win32 qt lib
If you are looking for a native lib try the qt.2.3 non commercial release from
trolltech, but I can't say if this supports threads. Also you need ms vc++ to
compile the qt 2.3 nc release.