Still got problems compiling, cvs merge got wacky?

Bob Tanner
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 18:55:38 -0600

On Friday 15 November 2002 06:41 pm, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > On Friday 15 November 2002 05:54 pm, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > > Now I'm relativ sure, that the cygwin cvs client is broken or there=
> > > problems with the cygwin1.dll.
> > > The cvs client from the sourceforge shell server works well.
> > I took Redhat 8.0's patch cvs source and it compiled on cygwin withou=
t a
> > problem.
> The cygwin cvs port is patched  (see /usr/doc/Cygwin/cvs-1.11.0.README)=
> I'm not sure, if this is enough.
> > Should I put the .tar.bz2 up something for people to download?

Why don't you download and build this cvs client and see if it fixes the=20
problem. It's here:

> Additional or as another way it seems to be good to inform the maintain=
> about this issues, which is
> currently Charles Wilson Bugs to the cygwin por=
t of
> cvs should go into the cygwin mailing list.

I'm pretty sure these redhat patches have been submitted to the baseline =
source, but if they fix your problem, I'll send them to Charles Wilson an=
the cygwin mailing list.
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