Can't start kde

Wed, 13 Nov 2002 12:38:00 +0200

I am total newbie to Linux in general, and to both cygwin and kde, so don't 
take any knowledge for granted in your answer. If there is more information 
you need, please be specific in asking for it.

I start Xfree86 with startxwin.bat, and then start kde with startkde. Lots 
of text scrolls by, the splash screen pops up and things progress to 
'Loading the panel' and then I get a windows error box that says 
"kdeinit  - this program has performed an illegal operation and will be 
shut down"

When I click OK the box disappears but KDE seems to continue loading. I 
then get another error box (from KDE, I think) saying "Sound server fatal 
error: cpu overload, aborting"

When I click OK, then it just hangs.

Sometimes it begins loading the desktop (menu at top - File, New, 
Bookmarks, etc and icons at the bottom. But then it hangs and I can't click 
on any of the icons.

I am running Cygwin 1.3.15-2 with setup, Xfree86 4.2.0, KDE-2 
2.2.2-b1, and QT-1 1.45-b1.


Thanks in advance,