Qt 3.1.0

Martin Fuchs kde-cygwin@mail.kde.org
Thu, 7 Nov 2002 00:14:59 +0100

Hi Ralf!

> Sorry, it needs some time for me to get into this stuff again. You have=
> create a symbolic link
> $ ls /usr/lib/libdl* -l
> lrwxrwxrwx    1 habacker Jeder         135 Oct  2 06:49 /usr/lib/libdl.=
a ->
> /usr/lib/libcygwin.a

I think, this has the same effect like removing the option, since libcygw=
may be used by default anyways. Right?

> > Qt 3.1.0 b2 also does only link with removed "-ldl".
> > But that's not the whole solution. There must missing be some additio=
> > thing, since not all symbols are exported. So you can't link executab=
> > to the resulting DLL.

I could find the missing option to solve this problem:

Besides don't thinking, we really have to export _all_ symbols (but only=20
these, that are marked with Q_EXPORT), at least it works for now.

> Because I haven't a qt 3.1.0 source it need some time to look into.
> I haven't compiled the original qt 3.1.0, but it seems they haven't app=
> all patches which are necessary to get it running on cygwin.
> My hint goes in this direction, that you have to look into the sources =
> see which patch from the kde-cygwin area has to be applied and which no=
> This isn't an easy task. It needs deep knowledge of the qt library
> internals.

At now I have running a few of the 3.1.0 executables:
assistant.exe and linguist.exe
designer.exe can be built, but at the moment it only displays its splash=20
screen, then core dumps.

I think, I will try to apply your patches. But you are right, this may ta=
some time. And it isn't quite forward. It seems, the version in CVS is no=
solely based on the 3.4.0 version I downloaded. There are thing such as=20
debian, freebsd, ... changes also.

> Don't care, but be aware that this isn't a 5 minute job.

Sure. This is understandable if you only look at the size of the whole so=
code and the compile times.

> > I think we can wait for Trolltech finishing their porting effort,
> > since they seem to be on the right way.
> I don't think, that trolltech will invest much efforts in the cygwin po=
> and someone of the kde-cygwin team has to do this.

Let's see, if I get a answer from them.

Martin Fuchs