New repo in kdereview: KRecorder

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Fri Oct 21 21:23:53 BST 2022

El divendres, 21 d’octubre de 2022, a les 4:25:44 (CEST), Devin va escriure:
> Hi everyone,
> There will be some Plasma Mobile Gear applications going through here since
> it seems some did not make it through kdereview. Our eventual goal is to
> hopefully move them to the KDE Gear release :)
> I would like to put krecorder through kdereview:
> KRecorder is an audio recording application for Plasma Mobile and Desktop.

* open krecoder
* Do a recording
* gets saved as /home/tsdgeos/
* Open settings
* Close settings
* Do a recording
* gets saved as /home/tsdgeos/clip_0002.ogg

Why the mov vs ogg dance?

The app doesn't have an icon when run in X11

The model was kind-of-potentially an infinite tree, fixed with other small 
tweaks at


> Thanks,
> Devin

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