New repo in kdereview: KWeather

Nate Graham nate at
Tue Nov 15 00:48:04 GMT 2022

Really great app. I have just a few minor UX comments, in order of how 
strongly I feel about them:

The main page has no scrollbars, so it's not obvious that the view is 
scrollable, especially because with various window sizes, nothing looks 
visibly cut off on the bottom to suggest scrollability, which is the 
typical metaphor on mobile:

I would recommend using the standard style Kirigami scrollbars which are 
always visible in desktop mode, and semi-auto-hide in mobile mode.

Like KRecorder, the config dialog should be a separate window on desktop 
mode (and a full-window page on mobile mode, which it already does, so 
+1 for that).

I can swipe left and right to switch which city's weather is being 
displayed, but this isn't visually obvious. Maybe add subtle left- and 
rightward-pointing arrows on the sides of the view to suggest that 
there's more than, and that can also be tapped/clicked to change the view.

In the "Add Location" sheet, the "Add Current Location" button should 
probably use the "mark-location" icon, which is more visually appropriate.

In the "Add Location" sheet, the search button should be disabled when 
the search field has no text in it. Also... is that button even needed 
at all? The search field seems to start searching immediately after I 
finish typing, so maybe the button can be removed.

The Locations button in the top-right corner of the main page should 
maybe use the "find-location" icon which is slightly more visually 
appropriate. Also its tooltip needs to start with an action verb and say 
something like "Choose locations".

On 11/9/22 15:00, Devin wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I would like to put kweather through kdereview:
> KWeather is an application that can give simple weather information
> for different weather locations. Please note that KWeatherCore (the
> library the app depends on) has already passed kdereview.
> Thanks,
> Devin

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