New repo in kdereview: KRecorder

Nate Graham nate at
Tue Nov 15 00:22:56 GMT 2022

Much better! Most issues are fixed now. I feel like we're close. See a 
few remaining comments:

>> The left pane's placeholder message is off-center with narrow windows.
> Fixed.

I can still see this:

>> On the recording page, the "stop recording" button is red which is typically our "destructive action" color.
> I've attempted to use other colours, as well as the selection colour,
> but they either don't contrast when flat, or don't really seem like
> buttons.
> I would argue that this is a destructive action, because it stops the
> recording without any way of going back. This colour is also typically
> used for stop buttons on other platforms, so I would not say that it
> is particularly out of place, in my opinion.

When I look at other platforms, what I see is that it's common and 
traditional for the *record* button to be a red circle, but the stop 
button is always a black square. And stopping the recording isn't 
destructive; *deleting* the recording is destructive.

Furthermore it's inconsistent with the stop button on the playback view, 
which is black:

>> Playback buttons can get cut off with short windows:
> Fixed.

I can still see this:

I found a new issue: when dragging the window, the view backgrounds 
become partially transparent  during the drag, as if I had the 
Translucency KWin effect active--but I do not. In addition, after the 
window id dropped, its background flickers a bit. None of my other 
windows do this, and KRecorder didn't do this the last time I did it.

I continue to think the two-column view is a bit awkward when there are 
no recordings, and now it results in two record actions shown at the 
same time, but with different text:

Maybe when we're in widescreen mode and there are no recordings, the 
right pane's placeholder message could have no action and simply say 
"Click the "Record" button to make a new recording". It can probably 
remove the "Record a new recording" action even when there are any 
recordings, since the left pane always has a "Record" action in its header.


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