New repo in kdereview: KWeather

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Nov 14 22:10:04 GMT 2022

El dimecres, 9 de novembre de 2022, a les 23:00:13 (CET), Devin va escriure:
> Hi everyone,
> I would like to put kweather through kdereview:
> KWeather is an application that can give simple weather information
> for different weather locations. Please note that KWeatherCore (the
> library the app depends on) has already passed kdereview.

There's potentially overlapping text.


The settings show untranslateable text, i.e.

MobileForm.FormComboBoxDelegate {
                id: forecastStyleDropdown
                text: i18n("Forecast Style")
                currentValue: settingsModel.forecastStyle

Here settingsModel.forecastStyle is not i18n'ed

Not KWeather's fault but i just realized that Kirigami's about page doesn't 
properly credit translators :/


> Thanks,
> Devin

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