RKWard is in kdereview - again

Nicolas Fella nicolas.fella at gmx.de
Wed Mar 30 23:32:52 BST 2022

On 3/30/22 17:55, Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
> An update and some questions:
> Am Mon, 28 Mar 2022 15:39:55 +0200
> schrieb Nicolas Fella <nicolas.fella at gmx.de>:
> [...]
>> - Consider adding a color scheme selector (KColorSchemeManager) to the
>> menu. On Windows that gives you dark mode support for free (this only
>> really works nicely when using Breeze QStyle). See
>> https://invent.kde.org/utilities/kate/-/blob/master/kate/katemainwindow.cpp#L235
> Done that. On my Windows 8.1 VM, I notice some strange behavior:
>   - By default, Breeze dark is loaded, even though I have not customized
>     my color settings at all in this VM.

I think I know what's happening there. In
we query the registry for AppsUseLightTheme, but IIRC that only exists
with Windows 10. With Windows 8 we then get false, causing Breeze Dark
to get used. Should be trivial to fix by passing a different default to

>   - Using the "Default" color scheme option switches to Breeze classic.
>     However, this setting is not permanent in that Breeze dark is again
>     active in the next session.

That would be https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=452091

>   - Setting one of the themes explicitly, seems to be saved / loaded,
>     correctly, though.
> Well, that's Windows 8.1, not much worth worrying about, I guess.
> What's troubling me more is that QWebEngineView (used, among other
> things, for Help->Help on RKWard) does not adapt to the color theme at
> all. I tried adding CSS rules (@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark)
> {...}), but QWebEngine simply seems to be unaware of the color scheme
> in use. Any ideas, what I may be missing?
> (Interestingly, KF5WebKit, still in use on MinGW does adjust itself to
> the theme.)
No idea about that.
>> - On Windows the title bar shows a generic icon instead of the RKWard
>> icon
> Fixed.
>> - Consider publishing RKWard on the Microsoft Store
>> - Consider publshing RKWard on Flathub
> First step:
> https://invent.kde.org/packaging/flatpak-kde-applications/-/merge_requests/81
> Regards
> Thomas

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