Announcing General Availability of Gitlab CI for Linux, FreeBSD and Android

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sun Nov 28 22:07:50 GMT 2021

El dissabte, 27 de novembre de 2021, a les 19:30:08 (CET), Ben Cooksley va escriure:
> Hi all,
> As mentioned in the subject, i'm happy to announce the general availability
> of native Gitlab CI for all KDE projects for Linux, FreeBSD and Android.
> For those who would like to get their projects setup, please ensure you
> first have a .kde-ci.yml file in the root of your repository specifiying
> the necessary dependencies of your project and any options your project
> requires to build and conduct tests. You can find a list of all the
> supported options at
> along with guidelines on how to specify your dependencies.
> Please note the following when specifying the branch to use:
> - @same should be used for projects which are released together and which
> follow the same branching scheme (release/21.08 for instance)
> - @stable should be used to refer to the current stable branch
> - @latest should be used to refer to the current development branch
> While the system has been seeded based on the current dependency metadata,
> if this was incorrect for your project then you may find that the system
> gives an error that it cannot locate the dependency when first run. If this
> happens to you then please look into submitting a merge request to
> so that
> this dependency can be included in future seed runs.
> Once you have your .kde-ci.yml file setup you can then setup your
> .gitlab-ci.yml to include the appropriate platform files from
> Please note that currently this is limited to builds for master and other
> development branches, as the necessary metadata for @stable is not yet
> fully in place. This information can be found at
> - it would be appreciated if developers could please look into updating
> this for their projects at the same time.
> With regards to Windows builds, they should become available soon - there
> is still some infrastructural work that needs to be completed on our Docker
> image, as well as the facilities to build those images which needs to be
> completed prior to these being available. We will be transitioning to using
> Docker for our Windows builds which will hopefully eliminate many of the
> issues we've had with lingering processes that have plagued the Jenkins
> system.
> With the availability of these Gitlab builds we are now entering the
> twilight phase of our Jenkins based system at so it is
> imperative that developers setup their CI using the new tooling. For those
> using the legacy Jenkins system with Gitlab (using the templates at
> these will
> be discontinued at the same time as, so you will need to
> migrate to the new tooling as well.
> Please let us know if you have any questions on the above.

Do we have any plan for "category pages" [1] like in Jenkins?


[1] i.e. something like

> Thanks,
> Ben

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