Submitting SubtitleComposer for KDE Review

Mladen Milinkovic max at
Sun Nov 7 21:52:19 GMT 2021

On 11/7/21 20:57, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El diumenge, 7 de novembre de 2021, a les 19:05:44 (CET), Mladen Milinkovic va escriure:
>> Have updated the bug report address to (default) in KAboutData and project has been added.
>> Should I do something else to complete the process?
>  From my side I think you fixed everything I reported.
> I'd say wait a week more in case someone else has time to have a look, but if there's no more movement consider the review done and ask sysadmin to finish the move to its final location.

great... thanks

>>>>>> When opening an existing .srt, there is a few Subtitle::insertLine calls that end up calling
>>>>>> Subtitle::processAction with the if(app()->subtitle() != this) situation. I think all those Actions leak, because
>>>>>> you just call redo on them but they are not deleted by anyone, no?
>>>>> Yes they were leaking fixed them with 911b94b.
>>>>> There are still some definite leaks after closing application:
>>>>>     - libfontconfig/QTextDocument (FcFontRenderPrepare
>>>>>     - QXcbGlxWindow::createVisual() calling and amdgpu_winsys_create()
>>>>>     - Breeze::WidgetStateEngine::registerWidget calling QObject::connect (might be related to
>>>>> "QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver" messages at application shutdown)
>>>>>     - KF5WidgetAddons (KSelectActionPrivate::init())

I have found a cause of leak in KSelectActionPrivate::init(), it was also causing "QCoreApplication::postEvent: 
Unexpected null receiver" messages at application shutdown

I fixed it inside SC, will submit a patch to later.. I'm not sure what's the best why to fix it.

Mladen Milinkovic

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