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On Wed, 5 May 2021, 1:28 am Nate Graham, <nate at kde.org> wrote:

> On 5/4/21 1:16 AM, Harald Sitter wrote:
> > Every time the bugz vs gitlab schism comes up I eventually tune out with
> > the distinct feeling that there is strong opposition to moving. What I,
> > what we all, do not want is to end up with two systems that require us
> > to maintain two client libraries with double the bugs for the next 10
> > years, and everyone gets to roll a dice which platform a given product
> > tracks bugs on. So what we need is community agreement which BTS to use
> > long term and then we can drive the technical changes to make that
> happen.
> >
> > Short to mid term bugz is the reality we have to live with.
> There is policy, and there is reality. Policy is not self-enforcing, and
> if it attempts to prescribe a reality too different from the actual one,
> it breaks and looks somewhat silly.
> Since we have no way of actually *disabling* the Issues feature in our
> GitLab instance, certain projects are inevitably going to start using it
> despite all the policy we can come up with. Why? Because it's generally
> better for most of the things that most of us care about (it does not
> have to better for literally everything to still be a net win) . I don't
> see anyone really trying to argue otherwise.

Side note here: It is actually possible to disable issues on Gitlab

Given that developers generally need a way to collaborate amongst
themselves (as Phabricator tasks are used for) we leave the feature enabled
however and generally don't allow for it to be disabled.

> Therefore, I think we need to re-focus the conversation towards "how do
> we migrate to GitLab issues in a coordinated and supported manner." This
> was supposed to be a big advantage of GitLab, yet we're not embracing it
> it despite clear demand from within the community.
> Another thing: If we had a clear migration plan and roadmap, it would be
> an easier sell to tell new projects whose owners are accustomed to a
> better bug management UX, "You have to use Bugzilla for now, but we'll
> be able to use GitLab issues in X months."
> Nate


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