Koko in KDEReview

Halla Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Tue May 4 15:54:15 BST 2021

On Tuesday, 4 May 2021 16:26:22 CEST Nate Graham wrote:

> Again, my point was not that everything about GLI is universally better 
> than everything about BZ. Just that most things are mostly better in 
> most ways that most of us care about. 

List them? I cannot think of a single thing that's good...

> I'll acknowledge that some things 
> are worse. But GLI is at least developed upstream so there is the 
> possibility of improvement. With BZ, not so much.
> ---
> FWIW I think it might make more sense to put information like the OS in 
> the issue text itself--encouraged via a bug reporting template--than it 
> is to use tags for that. In GLI, you can edit comments and even the 
> original text, so anything that's missing can be added later, unlike in 
> BZ. This mutability in GLI reduces the need for dedicated mutable text 
> fields and comboboxes for this that and the other thing, the way BZ has. 
> It's all kind of a workaround for the fact that you can't edit the 
> original text of the bug report in BZ.

Gawd, that would be _horrible_. I especially would hate "mutable" text. Great recipe for losing information. And having stuff like OS in the text makes, of course, any kind of search hell. And you'd never get consistency, even with templates.

> However those are implementation details we can probably hash out later.

I REALLY hope this later will NEVER come. I would probably set up my own bugzilla instance somewhere else, sooner than use gitlabs ridiculous excuse for an issue tracker.


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