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Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Tue May 4 15:10:51 BST 2021

On 04.05.21 15:28, Nate Graham wrote:
> On 5/4/21 1:16 AM, Harald Sitter wrote:
>> Every time the bugz vs gitlab schism comes up I eventually tune out with
>> the distinct feeling that there is strong opposition to moving. What I,
>> what we all, do not want is to end up with two systems that require us
>> to maintain two client libraries with double the bugs for the next 10
>> years, and everyone gets to roll a dice which platform a given product
>> tracks bugs on. So what we need is community agreement which BTS to use
>> long term and then we can drive the technical changes to make that
>> happen.
>> Short to mid term bugz is the reality we have to live with.
> There is policy, and there is reality. Policy is not self-enforcing, and
> if it attempts to prescribe a reality too different from the actual one,
> it breaks and looks somewhat silly.
> Since we have no way of actually *disabling* the Issues feature in our
> GitLab instance, certain projects are inevitably going to start using it
> despite all the policy we can come up with. Why? Because it's generally
> better for most of the things that most of us care about (it does not
> have to better for literally everything to still be a net win) . I don't
> see anyone really trying to argue otherwise.
> Therefore, I think we need to re-focus the conversation towards "how do
> we migrate to GitLab issues in a coordinated and supported manner."

Sure, I suppose, I mean, not this conservation, this conversation was
about koko and how it needs crash tracking because quite clearly there's
opportunity for crashing. The reality right here right now is that
drkonqi only sports bugz support and will not gain gitlab support until
at least October. Which is why I said that this is the reality we live
in short to mid term.


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