New repo in kdereview: plasma-angelfish

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Tue Jan 26 13:05:50 GMT 2021

Harald Sitter ha scritto:
> On 25.01.21 06:55, Bhushan Shah wrote:
>> Hello everyone!
>> Yet another Plasma Mobile repository in kdereview: 
>> Plasma Angelfish is browser written in Kirigami which uses the
>> QtWebengine for rendering web pages. It is optimized for the mobile
>> usecase.
>> Current feature list is available in of the repository.

> [...]
> .appdata.xml is a legacy suffix, you might want to use .metainfo.xml

Please don't start renaming all appdata.xml files into metainfo.xml files!
Of course please use the new extensions in the new repository, but those
repositories have been around for a while, and there was no need to change the
extension now:

"For historical reasons, AppStream specification also allows using extension
.appdata.xml for GUI applications. If upstream provides metadata with
.appdata.xml extension, it MAY be used instead of .metainfo.xml."

If you want to rename those files it, please coordinate with translations,
because every rename need to be handled manually on the translation side.

Translators, if you notice after scripty runs a new .metainfo.po file in
addition to the old appdata.po file, please don't touch/rename/remove the old
ones, I will move the files all together.


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