Plasma Bigscreen in Kdereview

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sun Jan 24 21:19:49 GMT 2021

El divendres, 22 de gener de 2021, a les 11:48:07 CET, Marco Martin va escriure:
> Hi all,
> We would like a release of the Plasma Bigscreen project
> which has been moved to kdereview, its repo is:
> It's a Plasma shell intended to use on smart tv kind of devices (ideal
> is a setup like a raspberry pi4 attached to a tv) It's pretty much a
> big tiles grid launcher for apps (which can be media-related apps,
> clients for streaming services and what not)
> It is also integrated with the Mycroft voice assistant open source
> project, so supports voice commands and some apps like the youtube
> client are done as internal mycroft skills.
> we just converted license headers to SPDX, the code should be in
> fairly good shape by now

The ATTRIBUTION file on the root feels like it would need some qualification over to which files it applies.

There's a few
     KPackage components should be specified in reverse domain notation.
on cmake time, not sure how bad those are.

Your cmake deps says you support Qt 5.9, but your QML imports say otherwise. Given that you seem to require Plasma 5.19, I would suggest to increase your cmake/KF5/Qt5 deps to that of what Plasma 5.19 requires.

files in ./kcms/plasma-settings-shell have i18n calls but as far as I can see not included in any 

files in ./shell/contents/configuration have i18n calls but as far as I can see not included in any 



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