KDE Frameworks 5.78.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Jan 9 09:47:26 GMT 2021

09th January 2021. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.78.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  Honour the job being aborted immediately (bug 429939)


  [ExtractorProcess] Move DBus signal from helper to main process
  [timeline] Consolidate code for root folder stat and list
  Make toplevel ioslave UDS entries readonly
  Avoid errors for application startup if no baloo index was ever created
  [BasicIndexingJob] Strip trailing slash from folders (bug 430273)

Breeze Icons

  New compass action icon
  Add image-missing icon to theme
  Add icon for WIM images

Extra CMake Modules

  Tell MSVC that our source files are UTF-8 encoded
  Add Findepoxy.cmake
  Consider local fastlane image assets
  Reproducible tarballs with GNU tar only
  Preserve the rich-text subset supported by F-Droid
  Bump required cmake version for Android.cmake (bug 424392)
  Automatically detect plugin lib deps on Android
  Check if file exists before removing the fastlane archive
  Clean image folder and archive file before downloading/generating those
  Retain screenshot order from the appstream file
  Windows: fix QT_PLUGIN_PATH for tests
  Don't fail if we haven't found any categories
  Make KDEPackageAppTemplates to create reproducible tarball


  Remove broken lastQuery feature, fixes krunner crashes for me


  CMakeLists.txt - increase minimum libical version to 3.0


  KPluginSelector implement default highlight indicator
  kcmoduleqml: don't bind column width to view width (bug 428727)


  [KComboBox] fix crash when calling setEditable(false) with open context menu


  Fix windows being inappropriately maximized on launch (bug 426813)
  Correct format of window maximized string
  Fix window sizing and positioning on Windows (bug 429943)


  KCodecAction: add non-overload signals codecTriggered & encodingProberTriggered


  Port KJobTrackerInterface to Qt5 connect syntax
  KTextToHtml: fix assert due to out of bounds at() call
  Use flat hierarchy for plugin paths on Android
  desktop to JSON conversion: ignore "Actions=" entry
  Deprecate KProcess::pid()
  ktexttohtml: fix KTextToHTMLHelper usage


  Use std::unique_ptr<char[]> to prevent memory leaks


  Switch to Findepoxy provided by ECM
  KCMShell: Add support for passing arguments
  Workaround crash with GL detection and kwin_wayland
  [KQuickAddons] QtQuickSettings::checkBackend() for fallback to software backend (bug 346519)
  [abstractkcm] Fix import version in code example
  Avoid setting QSG_RENDER_LOOP if set already
  ConfigPropertyMap : load property's default value in the map


  Add an entity for MathML acronym
  Change 'Naval Battle' to 'KNavalBattel' to meet legal matters


  Avoid autostarting kglobalaccel when shutting down (bug 429415)

KHolidays #

  Update Japanese holidays


  Skip warning for some Adwaita icons for backward compatibility
  QSvgRenderer::setAspectRatioMode() was introduced in Qt 5.15


  Add AVIF to the list of supported formats
  Add plugin for AV1 Image File Format (AVIF)


  [KFileItemDelegate] do not waste space for non-existing icons in columns other than first
  KFilePlacesView, KDirOperator: port to async askUserDelete()
  Rework the way CopyJob finds the JobUiDelegate extensions
  Introduce AskUserActionInterface, an async API for Rename/Skip dialogs
  RenameDialog: only call compareFiles() on files
  kcm/webshortcuts: Fix Reset button
  KUrlNavigatorMenu: fix middle-click handling
  Remove knetattach item from the remote:// ioslave's view (bug 430211)
  CopyJob: port to AskUserActionInterface
  Jobs: add non-overloaded signal "mimeTypeFound" to deprecate "mimetype"
  RenameDialog: Add missing nullptr initialization (bug 430374)
  KShortUriFilter: don't filter "../" and co. strings
  Do not assert if KIO::rawErrorDetail() is given a URL with no scheme (bug 393496)
  KFileItemActions: fix condition, we want to exclude only remote dirs (bug 430293)
  KUrlNavigator: remove kurisearchfilter usage
  KUrlNavigator: make completions of relative paths work (bug 319700)
  KUrlNavigator: resolve relative dir paths (bug 319700)
  Silence warnings due to samba config issues when not using samba explicitly
  KFileWidget: allow files that begin with a ':' to be selected (bug 322837)
  [KFileWidget] fixed bookmark button position in toolbar
  KDirOperator: deprecate mkdir(const QString &, bool)
  KFilePlacesView: allow setting a static icon size (bug 182089)
  KFileItemActions: add new method to insert openwith actions (bug 423765)


  [controls/SwipeListItem]: Always show actions on desktop by default
  [overlaysheet] Use more conditional positioning for close button (bug 430581)
  [controls/avatar]: Open up internal AvatarPrivate as public NameUtils API
  [controls/avatar]: expose generated colour
  Add Hero component
  [controls/Card]: Remove hover animation
  [controls/ListItem]: Remove hover animation
  Move ListItems to use veryShortDuration for hover instead of longDuration
  [controls/Units]: Add veryShortDuration
  ActionButton icon coloring
  use icon pixmaps only as big as needed
  [controls/avatar]: better default appearance
  [controls/avatar]: Fix visual bugs
  Create CheckableListItem component
  [controls/avatar]: scale border according to avatar size
  Revert "[Avatar] Change background gradient"
  Revert "[Avatar] Change border width to 1px to match other bother widths"
  [controls/avatar]: Make Avatar accessibility-friendly
  [controls/avatar]: Increase padding of icon fallback
  [controls/avatar]: Make image mode set sourceSize
  [controls/avatar]: Adjust sizing of text
  [controls/avatar]: Adjust techniques used for circular shape
  [controls/avatar]: Add primary/secondary action to Avatar
  Hardcode OverlaySheet header item padding
  qmake build: add missing sizegroup source/header
  Color icons, not buttons (bug 429972)
  Fix header back and forward buttons having no width
  [BannerImage]: fix not vertically centred header title with non-plasma themes


  Add count property, allows rowCount binding in QML


  KWidgetItemDelegate allow to trigger a resetModel from KPluginSelector


  Deprecate standardAction and standardActionUpload methods
  Fix QtQuick model if there is only a payload, but no download links
  Add a dptr to Cache, and move the throttle timer there to fix crash (bug 429442)
  Refactor KNS3::Button to use new dialog internally
  Create wrapper class for QML dialog
  Check if version is empty before concatenating version


  Improve KNotification API docs


  Deprecate BrowserHostExtension


  Use a custom macro for deprecation messages in QML
  Use ECMGenerateExportHeader for deprecation macros and use them
  Changing interval does not need to clear history
  Change continuous line chart to history proxy source example
  Deprecate Model/ValueHistorySource
  Introduce HistoryProxySource as a replacement for Model/ValueHistorySource
  Add logging categories for charts and use them for existing warnings


  [DBus Runner] Add support for custom pixmap icons for results
  Add key to check if the config was migrated
  Separate config and data files
  New API to run matches and for history
  Do not build RunnerContextTest on windows


  KSycoca: avoid database rebuild if XDG_CONFIG_DIRS contains duplicates
  KSycoca: ensure extrafiles are ordered for comparison (bug 429593)


  Rename "Variable:" to "Document:Variable:"
  Varialbe Expansion: Fix finding prefix matches with multiple colons
  Move painting from KateTextPreview into KateRenderer
  Make sure only lines in view are used to paint the pixmap
  Use KateTextPreview to render the pixmap
  Variable expansion: Add support for %{Document:Variable:<name>}
  Show the dragged text when dragging (bug 398719)
  Fix detach in TextRange::fixLookup()
  Don't paint currentLine bg if there is an overlapping selection
  KateRegExpSearch: fix logic when adding '\n' between range lines
  rename action to 'Swap with clipboard contents'
  add an action to trigger copy & paste as one action
  feat: add text-wrap action icon for Dynamic Word Wrap
  Undo indent in one step (bug 373009)


  KSelectAction: add non-overload signals indexTriggered & textTriggered
  KFontChooserDialog: handle dialog being deleted by parent during exec()
  KMessageDialog: call setFocus() on the default button
  Port from QLocale::Norwegian to QLocale::NorwegianBokmal
  Port KToolBarPopupActionTest to QToolButton::ToolButtonPopupMode


  KXmlGui: when upgrading a local .rc file, keep new app toolbars
  Fix key recording by setWindow before capture starts (bug 430388)
  Remove unused KWindowSystem dependency
  Clear KXMLGUIClient in memory xml doc after saving shortcuts to disk

Oxygen Icons

  Add upindicator

Plasma Framework

  Expose error information to error plasmoid in a more structured manner
  [components] Hook up Mnemonics
  [svg] Always start SvgRectsCache timer from the correct thread
  [PC3 ProgressBar] Set binding for width (bug 430544)
  fix Windows build + inversion of variables
  [PlasmaComponents/TabGroup] Fix check if item inherits from Page
  Port various components to veryShortDuration on hover
  Move ListItems to use veryShortDuration for hover instead of longDuration
  Add veryShortDuration
  Don't allow negative calendar years (bug 430320)
  Fix broken background (bug 430390)
  Replace QString cache IDs with a struct-based version
  [TabGroup] Reverse animations in RTL mode
  Only remove shortcuts on applet removal not destruction
  Hide disabled contextual actions from ExpandableListItem


  KFileItemActions: add menu windowflag
  Share fileitemplugin: use parent Widget as menu parent (bug 425997)


  Update org.kde.desktop/Dialog.qml
  Draw ScrollView using Frame instead of Edit (bug 429601)


  Improve performance of createOrderedModel using QVector
  Avoid runtime warning if no guess result exists

Syntax Highlighting

  C++ Highlighting: QOverload and co
  Fix labels beginning with period not being highlighted in GAS
  C++ highlighting: add qGuiApp macro
  Improve dracula theme
  fix #5: Bash, Zsh: ! with if, while, until ; Bash: pattern style for ${var,patt} and ${var^patt}
  fix #5: Bash, Zsh: comments within array
  Cucumber feature syntax
  Zsh: increment syntax version
  Zsh: fix brace expansion in a command
  add weakDeliminator and additionalDeliminator with keyword, WordDetect, Int, Float, HlCOct and HlCHex
  Indexer: reset currentKeywords and currentContext when opening a new definition
  Zsh: many fixes and improvements
  Bash: fix comments in case, sequence expression and ) after ]
  Handle import color in base correctly and specialize for c/c++
  Update Monokai theme
  Verify the correctness/presence of custom-styles in themes
  Add GitHub Dark/Light themes
  increment version, don't change kate version, until I understand why it is needed
  Add licenses
  Add Atom One dark/light themes
  missed to increment version on change
  Fix monokai attribute & operator color
  Add Monokai theme
  CMake: Add missed 3.19 variables and some new added in 3.19.2
  Kotlin: fix some issues and other improvements
  Groovy: fix some issues and other improvements
  Scala: fix some issues and other improvements
  Java: fix some issues and other improvements
  fix && and || in a subcontext and fix function name pattern
  add QRegularExpression::DontCaptureOption when there is no dynamic rule
  Bash: add (...), ||, && in [[ ... ]] ; add backquote in [ ... ] and [[ ... ]]

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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