MauiKit and Index review

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Sep 28 23:42:25 BST 2020

El dimarts, 22 de setembre de 2020, a les 23:05:10 CEST, Camilo Higuita Rodriguez va escriure:
> Hi,
> For the next stable release, we would like to go through KDE review first.
> To start I want to submit MauiKit and Index for review, and later on the
> other apps.
> The changes we have made to get to this review are all in the development
> branch.
> I will be available to perform any needed fixes and answer any questions
> since I'm the main developer and maintainer.


./src/controls/private/AboutDialog.qml:151:                        label1.text: "Powered by"
./src/controls/FileBrowser.qml:164:                     title:  "Removing %1 files".arg(urls.length)
./src/controls/FileBrowser.qml:119:             placeholderText: String("Filter %1 files").arg(control.currentFMList ? control.currentFMList.count : 0)
	needs i18n?

./src/controls/Dialog.qml:214:                text: qsTr("Cancel")
./src/controls/Dialog.qml:259:                text: qsTr("Accept")
	should be i18n instead of qsTr?

./src/controls/ListBrowserDelegate.qml:98:        label4.text: model.modified ? Maui.FM.formatDate(model.modified, "MM/dd/yyyy") : "" 
	Forcing the date format seems quite bad

You don't have a in mauikit. If this is a library, shouldn't it be using i18nd instead of i18n? How is the translation catalog loaded otherwise?

You have a but the translation catalog is not set anywhere that i can see?


> Greetings,
> Camilo Higuita

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