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Jacky Alcine yo at
Wed Sep 9 16:02:45 BST 2020

Amazing news all around! Hoping this will lead to my first contribution!

On Wed, Sep 9, 2020, at 06:31, David Faure wrote:
> Here are some notes from the KF6 BoF at Akademy, as well as general 
> information that I realized might not be known to all the relevant developers.
> * There's a nice board with many tasks related to preparing KDE Frameworks for 
> KF6.
> All the tasks in the "Backlog" column, are tasks that can be done TODAY 
> already, they don't depend on Qt6 or the possibility to break API/ABI in KDE 
> Frameworks. Help is very much needed and welcome!
> * We'll have an online meeting at some point to go through the board and add 
> tags for priorities and "junior jobs".
> * I strongly recommend subscribing to kde-frameworks-devel. If you got scared 
> in the past by the amount of "merge requests" emails coming in, this is no 
> longer the case with gitlab.
> * Instead, I recommend subscribing in gitlab to the projects you care about.
> For instance you go to and click on the 
> bell icon on the right of the large "KIO" header.
> * If you want to keep an eye on *all* Frameworks merge requests, as used to 
> happen on k-f-d, you can visit 
> (however I don't see 
> a way to get notified by email).
> * We decided on a two months deadline for the unittests that have always 
> failed on FreeBSD and Windows to be whitelisted with QEXPECT_FAIL macros,
> and turned into bug reports. This way we can start from a clean state in CI, 
> react on regressions more easily, and even set up gitlab to check that MRs 
> don't introduce regressions on any platform. It'll also help reducing the 
> noise on k-f-d.
> If you use either of those platforms, please give a hand with fixing those 
> issues for real.
> Reminder: to see failing tests, go to
> then click on the platform you're interesting in, and then click on the "S" 
> column twice. The yellow will propagate to the top.
> Happy hacking!
> -- 
> David Faure, faure at,
> Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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