General information for KDE Frameworks developers

David Faure faure at
Wed Sep 9 14:31:27 BST 2020

Here are some notes from the KF6 BoF at Akademy, as well as general 
information that I realized might not be known to all the relevant developers.

* There's a nice board with many tasks related to preparing KDE Frameworks for 
All the tasks in the "Backlog" column, are tasks that can be done TODAY 
already, they don't depend on Qt6 or the possibility to break API/ABI in KDE 
Frameworks. Help is very much needed and welcome!

* We'll have an online meeting at some point to go through the board and add 
tags for priorities and "junior jobs".

* I strongly recommend subscribing to kde-frameworks-devel. If you got scared 
in the past by the amount of "merge requests" emails coming in, this is no 
longer the case with gitlab.

* Instead, I recommend subscribing in gitlab to the projects you care about.
For instance you go to and click on the 
bell icon on the right of the large "KIO" header.

* If you want to keep an eye on *all* Frameworks merge requests, as used to 
happen on k-f-d, you can visit (however I don't see 
a way to get notified by email).

* We decided on a two months deadline for the unittests that have always 
failed on FreeBSD and Windows to be whitelisted with QEXPECT_FAIL macros,
and turned into bug reports. This way we can start from a clean state in CI, 
react on regressions more easily, and even set up gitlab to check that MRs 
don't introduce regressions on any platform. It'll also help reducing the 
noise on k-f-d.
If you use either of those platforms, please give a hand with fixing those 
issues for real.
Reminder: to see failing tests, go to
then click on the platform you're interesting in, and then click on the "S" 
column twice. The yellow will propagate to the top.

Happy hacking!

David Faure, faure at,
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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