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Fri Nov 13 09:49:16 GMT 2020

First part i can sort for some of it at least (the discover and knewstuff
bits are just some test data, and they can be swapped outright, the other
two will want someone closer to take a look - i also believe Alexander is
looking at the discover stuff already elsewhere?) - i'm currently without
my laptop, which means i sort of... just have the web ide to work with...
which is... fine for some things and perhaps not so much others.

For the multiple-requests-in-rapid-succession thing, if this is happening
on recent frameworks (as in, since last year around this time), then
there's definitely something odd going on. The way to detect this would be
to do a quick run through the headers of those requests and see what the
user agent is (which should include the frameworks version as well - that
code was first released with 5.66, and exists precisely to debug this kind
of problem).

On Fri, 13 Nov 2020 at 07:48, Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sometime ago we moved the endpoint of the OCS Providers file (which
> supports KHotNewStuff) that we host from to
> A while back we did a push to migrate the majority of the users of this
> file to the new endpoint, however unfortunately it seems we missed a couple
> of users in this.
> They appear to be:
> frameworks/knewstuff/tests/khotnewstuff.knsrc
> frameworks/knewstuff/tests/khotnewstuff_upload.knsrc
> kde/applications/dolphin/src/settings/services/servicemenu.knsrc
> kde/workspace/discover/libdiscover/backends/KNSBackend/tests/testplasmoids.knsrc
> playground/artwork/smaragd/src/smaragd.knsrc
> It would be appreciated if we could please get these final users updated.
> I should note that it would appear that one or more of these users may
> have bug(s) in their implementations, as we often get bursts where the same
> client will download the file 5-6 times in extremely short succession
> (sometimes in the same second) - with the file
> being requested
> simultaneously at the same time as well usually too.
> It would be fantastic if we could get that looked into as well please.
> Many thanks,
> Ben
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