Telemetry information in LabPlot

Alexander Semke alexander.semke at
Wed Nov 11 07:56:57 GMT 2020


we also missed the discussion on the community mailing list about what is
being collected in LabPlot.

What we collect right now for the product identifier "org.kde.labplot" is:
* Application version
* Qt version information
* Platform information
* Screen information
* Start count
* Usage time

The code handling this is located in

We added KUserFeedback to the linux version only in the current release 2.8
done in September and we didn't advertise this feature in the application yet.
So, at the moment there is almost no data collected yet except the data coming
from us during our tests.

We're going to release 2.8.1 soon where we're adding KUserFeedback also to the
windows and macOs versions on LabPlot and we'll start making the users aware
of this optional telemetry collection.

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