Telemetry information in Pim apps + ruqola

Laurent Montel montel at
Tue Nov 10 05:54:52 GMT 2020

I didn't know that it must be necessary to speak about it on kde-core-devel 
I discussed it with Volker during last Pim sprint for pim apps, for ruqola 
indeed no discussion as it used standard info.
So I send email as requested

Basically what we are requesting is (from Plasma at bulk, including
the Plasma shell and Discover):
- BasicSystemInformation Level:
Application version
Platform information
Qt version information

- BasicUsageStatistics
Usage time
Launches count 

- DetailedSystemInformation
Screen parameters
Number and type of accounts configured in KMail (receiver and sender). (for 
kmail only)
Return the number of account. (ruqola only)

- DetailedUsageStatistics
Language and regional parameters.


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