Namespaces for a few repositories on invent (was Re: Migration to Gitlab -- Update)

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sun May 10 13:54:35 BST 2020

Ben Cooksley ha scritto:
> -- Structure --
> Following lengthy discussion in the original thread, it was agreed
> that the original sysadmin proposal of various categories would be
> implemented, with repositories organised according to that structure.
> You can find this documented at

I went through the list of the new structure, and I can only imagine the work
needed to reshuffle
Am I still on time to propose some fine tuning?

== Proposed moves:
kio-upnp-ms: applications -> network
mark: applications -> education
kdecoration-viewer: applications -> sdk
kolorfill: applications -> games
klook: applications -> graphics
peruse: applications -> graphics

== A bit more open questions about:
libkdegameai: libraries -> games (like libkdegames)
macports-kde: sdk -> packaging (not 100% sure)
kup: system -> utilities (like kbackup!)
mangonel seems a bit of place too in system (which has mostly lower-level
configuration stuff), maybe utilities?

== There are a few second-level namespaces, are we going to keep them? I can see:

* graphics/digikam/
  - it only contains digikam-doc, which should maybe just go under graphics/
* graphics/libs
  - a few libraries which be moved under graphics/ directly (or libraries, but
they are graphics-related)
* network/telepathy
  - only telepathy-logger-qt, it could go under network/ directly
* others/kde-edu-courses/
  - why not directly under education ?

Also unmaintained/ contains two of them (necessitas, strigi), but it doesn't
matter much I guess.


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