Manner in which kde-gtk-config development is conducted

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Sat Mar 21 20:38:07 GMT 2020

On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 3:08 AM David Edmundson
<david at> wrote:
> You're absolutely right that mistakes were made and have reason to be
> frustrated.
> kde-gtk-config is now maintained by new developers.
> Plasma has a new influx of new people which is good to see and
> something we need to foster carefully.
> Overall these new devs are doing a super job and we want to encourage them.
> Ultimately there are two parties at fault:
>  - brand new developers who didn't know the rules. KDE has a lot of
> rules and they're certainly not all written down in a consistent
> location.
>  - the more "senior" Plasma people (me, Kai, Aleix, etc) who do know
> the rules, not paying due attention to something that's now under
> Plasma's umbrella
> >which means that the repository is no longer eligible to form
> >part of a KDE release module and should be moved to Playground
> I think this is an overreaction that punishes the wrong people. Users.

The reaction is intended to force the hand of Plasma as a collective
group to pay attention to the notifications from the CI system - which
it delivers to the plasma-devel mailing list.
I know that some people do pay attention to these, but it is evident
that others do not or have active filtering in place to ensure they
don't see them.

> I think the tone of this email sends a strong message, and is in
> proportion, but any action would be too much.
> Ultimately if devs break a CI, its the devs that'll suffer because
> they won't have a CI.
> >Comments welcome.
> I hear pre-commit CI will be a thing in the future?  If so this
> specific problem will address itself.

Once we are on Gitlab yes, we will get this.

> David


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