Discontinuing legacy infrastructure

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at kde.org
Thu Jun 11 10:11:48 BST 2020

Hi all,

As previously announced by Sysadmin, following the Gitlab migration we
would be shutting down a number of services that were part of the old
Git infrastructure, as they were replaced with our new Gitlab based

This is a change which has now been actioned, and means the following:

1) git:// protocol support has now been discontinued

Prior to the move to Gitlab, the anongit network offered access to our
repositories over both the git:// protocol as well as https://. This
has now been discontinued, and access is now provided solely via https
to ensure that connections cannot be intercepted and tampered with

2) CGit has been discontinued

The CGit instance previously available at cgit.kde.org has now been
shutdown and is no longer available. All repository browsing should
now take place via Gitlab at https://invent.kde.org/

3) The anongit network in general has been discontinued

Following the migration to Gitlab, all developers as well as automated
systems began to use the master server for their traffic exclusively.
Load monitoring since then has indicated that the system is fully
capable of handling this load without the assistance of any additional

To avoid issues that have come up in the past (with people trying to
push to anongit, or systems being out of sync) it has been decided
that the anongit service is no longer providing benefit to us and as
such it has also been discontinued.

A legacy compatibility redirector will continue to operate under the
hostname 'anongit.kde.org' for https urls and will redirect older
style urls to their replacement Gitlab equivalents.

If anyone has any questions on the above, please let us know.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

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