KDE Frameworks 5.77.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Dec 12 12:20:45 GMT 2020

12th December 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.77.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  Fix crash in provider loading by checking reply pointer before deref (bug 427974)


  [DocumentUrlDB] Delete child list entry from DB if empty
  Add Presentation document type for Office OpenXML slideshow and template
  [MetaDataMover] Fix lookup of parent document id
  [DocumentUrlDB] Add method for trivial renames and moves
  [MetaDataMover] More test cases for renames
  [DocumentUrlDB] Remove redundant isEmpty() check
  [MetaDataMover] Remove no longer used include
  [MetaDataMover] Make renames a DB only operation
  [Document] Add parent document ID and populate it
  [MetaDataMover] Extend tests to cover renames
  [BasicIndexingJob] Fix implicit QByteArray -> QString conversion
  Replace direct syslog call with categorized logging message
  [Document] Replace constructor with default values

Breeze Icons

  Add text-field variants: -frameless (-> text-field), -framed
  Add symbolic name symlink for input-* icons
  Add icon for True Type XML font
  Add add-subtitle
  Change MathML icon to use a formula and use specific mime type
  Add icon for QEMU disk image and SquashFS image
  Add edit-move action icon
  Add icon for core dumps
  Add a bunch of subtitle mime types
  Remove useless blur from kontrast icon

Extra CMake Modules

  Fix category extraction from desktop files
  Define install dir variable for file templates
  Add fastlane metadata generation for Android builds
  (Qt)WaylandScanner: Properly mark files as SKIP_AUTOMOC
  Fix updating of apptemplate tars

Framework Integration

  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()


  Removed debugging output
  ResultModel: expose resource MimeType
  Add event filtering for files and directories (bug 428085)


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()


  Fix maintainer, that is supposed to be Allen, not me :)
  Re-add COLOR property serialization from RFC7986
  Add support for CONFERENCE property
  Add alarmsTo convenience method to Calendar
  Check that by day recurrences do not precede dtStart
  Revert "Add COLOR property serialization from RFC7986."


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()
  remove hack that broke multi level kcms in icon mode


  Fix KConfigGroup::copyTo with KConfigBase::Notify (bug 428771)


  Remove redundant setLayout() call


  Revert "Port some usage of QStringRef to QStringView"
  Port some usage of QStringRef to QStringView
  [ktexttohtml] Add test case for empty text
  Make int to QChar conversion explicit
  Remove unused include
  Guard QRegExp include behind deprecation flag
  Fix include for NAME_MAX
  Avoid to crash when factory is empty (when we return an error)
  KFormat: Add more relative date time cases
  Enable KPluginFactory to optionally pass KPluginMetaData to plugins


  Remove it as it creates too many errors


  Sync margins from AbstractKCM into SimpleKCM
  Remove obsolete license text
  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later
  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later
  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later
  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later
  Rewrite KeySequenceItem (and helper) to use KeySequenceRecorder (bug 427730)


  Properly parse escaped double quotes
  Add OpenBSD's doas(1) support


  Port some deprecated method
  Fix some leaks in OpenDocument and Office OpenXML extractors
  Add several subtypes for OpenDocument and OpenXML document


  Load statically linked kglobalacceld interface plugins

KDE GUI Addons

  Remove redundant setLayout() call (parent is passed to Q*Layout ctor)
  Make shortcut inhibition work from the get-go (bug 407395)
  Fix potential crash in wayland inhibitor teardown (bug 429267)
  CMake: Find Qt5::GuiPrivate when Wayland support is enabled
  Add KeySequenceRecorder as base for KKeySequenceWidget and KeySequenceItem (bug 407395)

KHolidays #

  Fix rounding of sun position events less than 30s before the next hour
  Avoid parsing each holiday file twice in defaultRegionCode()
  Compute the astro seasons only once per occurrence
  Fix holiday region lookup for ISO 3166-2 codes
  Make HolidayRegion copyable/movable
  Add support for calculating civil twilight times


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()
  Revert "Add selected property to effects"
  Add selected property to effects
  Use qDebug instead if icon theme is not found


  Load statically linked system poller plugins


  test: don't convert image format if possible
  No longer descease color depth to 8 for 16 bit uncompressed PSD files
  tests: Remove qimage_format_enum_names and just use QMetaEnum


  NewFile Dialog: allow to accept directory creation before stat has run (bug 429838)
  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()
  Don't leak DeleteJob thread
  KUrlNavBtn: make opening subdirs from dropdown menu with the keyboard work (bug 428226)
  DropMenu: Use translated shortcuts
  [ExecutableFileOpenDialog] focus Cancel button
  Places view: highlight place only when it is displayed (bug 156678)
  Add property to display plugin actions in "Actions" submenu
  Remove newly introduced method
  KIO::iconNameForUrl: resolve icon for remote files based on name (bug 429530)
  [kfilewidget] Use new standard shortcut for "Create Folder"
  Refactor context menu loading and make it more scalable
  RenameDialog: allow to overwrite when files are older (bug 236884)
  DropJob: use new edit-move icon for 'Move Here'
  Fix moc_predefs.h gen when ccache is enabled through -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=ccache CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_ARG1=g++
  We require Qt 5.13 now, so remove ifdef
  Port KComboBox to QComboBox
  Doc fix requested by Méven Car @meven
  Refactor some loops using modern C++
  Cleanup dead code
  Remove redundant check if key exists
  Simplify code for RequiredNumberOfUrls
  Remove some blank lines
  Simplify code and make it more consistent
  ioslaves: fix remote:/ root permissions
  KFileItem: isWritable use KProtocolManager for remote files
  Add overload to prepend actions to the "Actions" menu
  Use modern code style
  Do not add unnecessary separators (bug 427830)
  Use a braced initializer_list instead of << operator
  MkPathJob: rewrite conditionally compiled code to improve readablity


  Make GlobalDrawer header set the position of ToolBars/TabBars/DialogButtonBoxes
  inViewport attached property
  fix header slide on touchscreen
  Refactor AbstractapplicationHeader with a new "ScrollIntention" concept
  on desktop always fill anchors to parent
  [controls/BasicListItem]: Don't anchor to nonexistent item
  Don't display avatar text on small size
  Remove # and @ from the extraction process of avatar initial
  Initialise property in sizeGroup
  use mouse interaction on isMobile for easier testing
  don't apply bottompadding 2 times
  Hotfix leading/trailing using trailing values for leading separator margin
  [controls/BasicListItem]: Add leading/trailing properties
  fix sheet positioning on contents resize
  Apply old behavior in wide mode and don't add topMargin in FormLayout
  Fix form layout on small screen
  You can't use an AbstractListItem in a SwipeListItem
  Revert "[FormLayout]: Wrap section headers" (bug 429115)
  Fix "Unable to assign [undefined] to int" in OverlaySheet
  [overlaysheet]: Don't do a janky transition when content height changes
  [overlaysheet]: Animate height changes
  Fix overlay sheet positioning
  always set index when clicking on a page
  fix FAB s dragging in RTL mode
  Refine list separator appearance (bug 428739)
  fix drawer hanles in RTL mode
  [FormLayout]: Wrap section headers
  Revert "[FormLayout]: Wrap section headers"
  [FormLayout]: Wrap section headers
  Fix rendering borders the proper size with software fallback (bug 427556)
  Don't place software fallback item outside of shadowed rectangle item bounds
  Use fwidth() for smoothing in low power mode (bug 427553)
  Also render a background color in low power mode
  Enable transparent rendering for Shadowed(Border)Texture in lowpower
  Do not cancel alpha components for shadowed rectangle in low power mode
  Don't use a lower smoothing value when rendering ShadowedBorderTexture's texture
  Remove "cut out" steps from shadowed rectangle and related shaders
  Use icon.name instead of iconName in the doc
  [Avatar] Make icon use an icon size close to the text size
  [Avatar] Make the initials use more space and improve vertical alignment
  [Avatar] Expose sourceSize and smooth properties for anyone who wants to animate the size
  [Avatar] Set the source size to prevent images from being blurry
  [Avatar] Set the foreground color once
  [Avatar] Change background gradient
  [Avatar] Change border width to 1px to match other bother widths
  [Avatar] Make padding, verticalPadding and horizontalPadding always work
  [avatar]: Add gradient to colours


  Remove redundant setLayout() call
  Remove test app, KRecursiveFilterProxyModel is deprecated since 5.65
  KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel: only column 0 has children


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()
  We require Qt 5.13 now, so remove ifdef


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()


  Install player & engine servicetype def. files by file name matching type


  Fix uninstalling when the entry isn't cached
  When we call to check for updates, we expect updates (bug 418082)
  Reuse QWidgets dialog (bug 429302)
  Remove old workaround logic
  Do not write cache for intermediate states
  Use enum for uncompression instead of string values
  Remove a bit of dead code
  Fix entry disappearing too early from updatable page (bug 427801)
  Use more deprecation macros and do internal porting
  Use proper deprecation macros
  Setup to build without deprecations
  Add DetailsLoadedEvent enum to new signal
  Emit new signal and old one for compatibility
  Rework adoption API (bug 417983)
  Fix a couple of stragglers with old provider url
  Remove entry from cache before inserting new entry (bug 424919)


  Remove redundant setLayout() call
  Don't pass transient hint (bug 422042)
  Fix case-sensitive error of AppKit header on macOS
  Do not invoke invalid notification actions
  Fix memory handling for notifybysnore


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()

KPackage Framework

  Drop X-KDE-PluginInfo-Depends


  Deprecate embed() method, for lack of usage
  Make KParts use KPluginMetaData instead of KAboutData


  Rework line smoothing algorithm
  Move applying interpolation to the polish step
  Properly center point delegates on line chart and size them with line width
  Add a "smooth" checkbox to line chart example
  Ensure line chart point delegates are properly cleaned up
  Also show name in tooltip on Line chart page example
  Document LineChartAttached and fix a typo in LineChart docs
  Add name and shortName properties to LineChartAttached
  Document pointDelegate property more thoroughly
  Remove previousValues member and fix stacked line charts
  Use pointDelegate in Line chart example to display values on hover
  Add support for "point delegate" to Line charts
  LineChart: Move point calculation from updatePaintNode to polish


  Deprecate KDE4 package remnants
  Remove unneeded test
  Use isValid() method instead of nullptr check
  Simplify nullptr checks
  Make use of new KPluginMetaData plugin constructor support of KPluginLoader
  Add trailing commas
  Rework internals of match id methods and add tests for it


  [kapplicationtrader] Fix API docs
  KSycoca: recreate DB when version < expected version
  KSycoca: Keep track of resources Files of KMimeAssociation


  Port KComboBox to QComboBox
  use KSyntaxHighlighting themeForPalette
  fix i18n call, missing argument (bug 429096)
  Improve the automatic theme selection


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()


  Compile without deprecated method


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()
  Don't emit twice passwordChanged
  We require Qt 5.13 now, so remove ifdef
  Add KMessageDialog, an async-centric variant of KMessageBox
  Restore the old default popup mode of KActionMenu
  Port KActionMenu to QToolButton::ToolButtonPopupMode


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()
  Load statically linked integration plugins
  Portaway from pid() to processId()


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()
  We depend on Qt 5.13 now so we can remove this check
  Introduce HideLibraries and deprecate HideKdeVersion
  Rewrite KKeySequenceWidget to use KeySequenceRecorder (bug 407395)

Plasma Framework

  [Representation] Only remove top/bottom padding when header/footer is visible
  [PlasmoidHeading] Use technique from Representation for inset/margins
  properly forward containmentDisplayHintsChanged
  Add a Representation component
  [Desktop theme] Rename hint-inset-side-margin to hint-side-inset
  [FrameSvg] Rename insetMargin to inset
  [PC3] Use PC3 Scrollbar in ScrollView
  Report inset of zero where appropriate
  [Breeze] Report inset hint
  [FrameSvg*] Rename shadowMargins to inset
  [FrameSvg] Cache shadow margins and honor prefixes
  Finish the animation before changing the length of the progressbar highlight (bug 428955)
  [textfield] Fix clear button overlapping text (bug 429187)
  Show drop menu at correct global position
  Remove slim-
  Use gzip -n to prevent embedded buildtimes
  Use KPluginMetaData to list containmentActions
  Port packageStructure loading from KPluginTrader
  Use KPluginMetaData to list DataEngines
  check for parent
  Remove dead cmake code
  Actually add highlight svg
  Revert "[Dialog] Make BackgroundHints a flag and add DiscardBackgroundMargins"
  Revert "[Dialog] Don't apply margins with DiscardBackgroundMargins instead of reverse"
  Revert "[Dialog] Evaluate margins when BackgroundHints change"
  Remove FullRepresentationFillArea for now
  [PlasmaCore] Make ConstraintHint a flag and add FullRepresentationFillArea
  Revert "[IconItem] Add selected property"
  [Dialog] Evaluate margins when BackgroundHints change
  [Dialog] Don't apply margins with DiscardBackgroundMargins instead of reverse
  [TabBar] Add highlight on keyboard focus
  [IconItem] Add selected property
  [FrameSvg*] Expose shadows margins
  [Dialog] Make BackgroundHints a flag and add DiscardBackgroundMargins
  Make MarginAreasSeparator value more clear
  Add monochrome tray icon for Kup
  [TabButton] Align center icon and text when text is beside the icon
  [SpinBox] Fix logic error in scroll directionality
  fix mobile scrollbar in RTL mode
  fix RTL for sliders
  [PC3 ToolBar] Don't disable borders
  [toolbar.svg] Increase margin size by 2x
  [PC3 ToolBar] Use correct svg margin properties for padding
  [pc3/scrollview] Remove pixelAligned
  Add margin areas
  Introduce margin area separator constraint
  Revert "Revert "BasicPlasmoidHeading component""
  Revert "BasicPlasmoidHeading component"


  Pass parent to Q*Layout ctor instead of calling setLayout()


  Remove unused include
  [bluetooth] Fix sharing multiple files (bug 429620)
  Read translated plugin action label (bug 429510)


  button: rely on down, not pressed for styling
  Reduce the size of round buttons on mobile
  Remove debugging leftover
  fix mobile scrollbar in RTL mode
  fix progressbar in RTL mode
  fix RTL display for RangeSlider


  Include errno.h for EBUSY/EPERM
  FstabBackend: return DeviceBusy where umount failed on EBUSY (bug 411772)
  Fix detection of recent libplist and libimobiledevice


  Use contains instead of indexOf

Syntax Highlighting

  fix dependencies of the generated files
  indexer: fix some issues and disable 2 checkers (capture group and keyword with delimiter)
  indexer: fix some issues
  add comments
  fix <include> warning
  indexer: more RegExpr checkers
  remove checkWordDetect
  indexer: more RegExpr checker
  indexer: check unused context
  indexer: load all xml files in memory for easy checking
  C++ highlighting: update to Qt 5.15
  relaunch syntax generators when the source file is modified
  systemd unit: update to systemd v247
  ILERPG: simplify and test
  Port qprinter deprecated method
  Zsh, Bash, Fish, Tcsh: add truncate and tsort in unixcommand keywords
  Latex: some math environments can be nested (bug 428947)
  Bash: many fixes and improvements
  add --syntax-trace=stackSize
  php.xml: Fix matching endforeach
  apply suggestions
  rename function
  Move bestThemeForApplicationPalette from KTextEditor here
  Update README
  debchangelog: add Trixie
  alert.xml: Add `NOQA` yet another popular alert in source code
  cmake.xml: Upstream decided to postpond `cmake_path` for the next release

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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