KCGroups in KDEreview

David Edmundson david at davidedmundson.co.uk
Thu Dec 3 11:15:52 GMT 2020

Ultimately this isn't really dealing with cgroups directly but with
the manager to control them, systemd.

That's correct usage, kernel docs of cgroups say to go via a
controller for write operations. However that at point is it worth
naming the library ksystemd?
It might cause some contention due to people who get angsty at a name,
but it's a lot more fitting. It would then give us a place to dump a
lot of other wrappers (especially logind) that we're seeing duplicated
in a bunch of places throughout KDE.


I think we've artificially limited the usage of the library.
The code is very generic for handling units, but all the names and one
tiny line limit it to only managing a subset of units.

If we make the "glob" static used in KApplicationScopeLister's have a
public setter (or a protected virtual) we can rename this class and it
becomes a much more generic library for others to use outside of any
initial use-case.


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