PokiPoki in KDEReview

Carson Black uhhadd at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 14:08:37 BST 2020

Hi y'all!

I'd like to see PokiPoki go through KDEReview and eventually end up
releasing as an extragear library.

PokiPoki is a framework that aims to make persistent objects as
trivial to use as possible and provides other sugar functionality on
top of simply persisting objects, such as an undo/redo stack.

>From a code overview, PokiPoki is split into two main parts:
libpokipoki and pokic. libpokipoki is a small helper library that
provides types used by pokic while pokic is a code generator that
consumes .pokipoki files to generate a header-only library that can be
included in a project.

libpokipoki is authored in C++ for obvious reasons, while pokic is
authored in Go due to the extensive text templating system used for
code generation and the lexer in the stdlib used for reading pokipoki

poki-compiler/parser/output.go will probably be the file that needs
most looking at, as it's responsible for the code generation.

-- Carson Black

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