KDEREVIEW: Proposing utilities/markdownpart to become community/release-service-managed

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Aug 15 23:03:53 BST 2020

On samedi 15 août 2020 19:20:53 CEST Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> Hi,
> what is markdownpart you ask? A KParts plugin allowing to view markdown
> documents rendered e.g. in Kate's preview plugin, Ark, Krusader or
> Konqueror, being mainly a wrapper around QTextDocument::setMarkdown &
> QTextBrowser. See here it being used with Kate's preview plugin:
> https://cdn.kde.org/screenshots/markdownpart/markdownpart.png
> Note: for now Qt 5.15-only, 5.14 possible but untested.
> I would like to propose markdownpart for a move into community maintenance
> mode and becoming part of release service managed projects starting with RS
> 20.12. It would match graphics/svgpart in the mode (whose code mode BTW is
> aöso similar, mainly a wrapper around QSvgRenderer & QGraphicsView).
> The code lives at https://invent.kde.org/utilities/markdownpart since
> yesterday.
> I consider the project stable & done already though, given there are no more
> features I want myself and given it is based on existing code: mainly a
> copy of KMarkdownWebView, which itself was inspired/driven by e.g. KWebKit/
> KWebEngine KParts code.
> Some small glitches are with the search tool and incremental search
> sometimes, but that might be a bug in QTextDocument/QTextBrowser.
> I have written this plugin mainly because "I could :P" and some people might
> like it, less because I want to use this myself everyday (personally
> dislike Markdown). So I would be interested to pass maintenance over into
> community domain, or interested individuals if there are. Otherwise it
> would be a candidate for the attic.
> Today I released a first 0.1.0 version to make it spread and find users who
> fancy it:
> https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-announce-apps/2020-August/005597.html
> Try yourself by building and installing with "kdesrc-build markdownpart" and
> picking "Markdown View (markdownpart)" as preferred embedding plugin for
> "text/markdown" in System Settings' File Associations submodule (part of
> "Applications").
> So I hereby move markdownpart into kdereview mode.
> Please give the code some eyeball times and comment for good and bad or
> missing stuff and whether you agree if this should become part of KDE
> community-managed set of software. Also hoping to see someone offering
> themselves to adopt this project as caring maintainer.
> You might know the KParts plugin from KMarkdownWebView for the same purpose
> (https://invent.kde.org/utilities/kmarkdownwebview).
> It had been written 3 years ago as quick&dirty solution, with an important
> statement in the README:
> "The software should serve as intermediate solution until some native
> Qt-based implementation is done."
> While there has been some native variant present meanwhile via the Okular
> Markdown support for some time, and available via the Okular KParts plugin,
> the paged display of Okular might not meet the desire of some to see the
> Markdown document rendered as single adaptive page.
> With QTextDocument having gotten some native markdown-parsing support in Qt
> 5.14, some recent discussion about whether to include KMarkdownWebView (and
> the QWeb* dependencies it brings) into Kate app bundles for the preview
> feature triggered me to give it a try to write a QTextDocument-based
> variant. Which turned out to be simple to do in an evening, and so here we
> are.

The code looks fine to me.

The only thing I saw was case-insensitive comparison of the result of 
QUrl::scheme() which is unnecessary, it always returns lowercase.

Glad to see KParts still lives :-)

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