Review Request: plasma-thunderbolt

Daniel Vrátil dvratil at
Thu May 16 09:19:06 BST 2019

On Wednesday, 15 May 2019 15:34:58 CEST Nate Graham wrote:
> +1 from me; the original was good and this looks good too.
> One minor thing that I don't think should be a blocker: Could we copy
> FindBolt.cmake into ECM with an eye towards not needing it here in a
> future release?

I think having FindBolt in ECM makes sense if there's a chance that some other 
components will use it. Right now I don't think anyone else is going to look 
for the Bolt daemon (as a runtime dependency).


> Nate
> On 5/15/19 7:27 AM, Daniel Vrátil wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > plasma-thunderbolt is a new repo containing, you guessed it, Thunderbolt
> > KCM for Plasma. I initially submitted the code as a patch against
> > plasma-desktop [0], where it got reviewed, but it was ultimately decided
> > to better put it into a separate repository, since it's not just a KCM
> > but also a library and a KDED module. I have backported all the changes
> > from the Phabricator review back to the repository, so the code in the
> > repo is identical to the one in the Phab review (minus buildsystem
> > changes and a small build fix for clang).
> > 
> > However, since this is still a new code, it must formally pass through
> > kdereview before I can submit it into Plasma as a new module.
> > 
> > Thus I'd kindly ask you to take one more look at the codebase [1] and let
> > me know if there are any more issues to fix, or if we can proceed to
> > include this in the next Plasma release.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > - Dan
> > 
> > [0]
> > [1]

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