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Thu Mar 28 14:21:09 GMT 2019


On Thursday, 28 March 2019 14:33:59 CET laurent Montel wrote:
> I am against to force mandatory review, as it will create a lot of lose of
> time,

As I said, unpopular.

> and we will not be sure that review is correct (see comment from
> Volker about "transaction lock regression")

This argument is absurd: "Hey, this vest isn't 100% bullet-proof, thus I'll 
walk in the middle of a war naked".

> It's necessary to having a big team for doing it.

I agree having a team of 1 for each KDE PIM component is a problem (and often 
the same person).

> Ok a repo was broken, but it was just that fix was created in master not
> 19.04, I didn't see nobody on IRC told us "this package is always broken",
> when I saw it this morning I just cherry pick (2 seconds for fixing it).
> For example I works all days on kde (pim or other) when I wake up, or at
> noon after my lunch or the evening, I will not wait several days for a
> review because nobody has time to do it.

> (we can see a review from zanshin for example
> D16210 we can see that David waited 2 months until having an answer...).

Unfair, if you read the comments you'll see that this particular patch didn't 
appear in my dashboard for some odd reason (I suspect it comes from how arc 
associates a patch to a repository or not, but I digress...).

> (For example I make ~ 15 commits by days on pim/ruqola/framework, I don't
> want to wait several days/weeks until someone wants to review my patchs)
> I will not lose my time to review some code that I don't understand... I
> never reviewed Akonadi patch as I don't understand this code, and I will
> take time on it just for the pleasure as I prefer fixing bug or adding new
> features in components that I maintain.
> When we have a big team as Qt team it can help but in pim component where we
> don't have any redundant guy, we will lose a lot of time.

Ah, the mythical big team... Because it's well known that on Qt the reviewers 
aren't stretch thin and that patches never end up weeks in limbo...

Also you know that if you don't change your way of working you'll stay alone 
on your components? I know, chicken and egg... but all those commits and stuff 
randomly changing all the time doesn't help people to get in even if they'd 
want to.

But you know that very well, we just discussed it half a dozen times in the 

> So for each increase version for each package I will wait a review. For sure
> not.
> Each time that I will improve code as coding style I will wait that someone
> wants to review...
> I know that it's easy to write "make reviews mandatory" there is not an
> impact about your work as we know that you are not really active on kde at
> the moment...

Right, let's bring something irrelevant to the discussion. You know it's 
mainly due to health issues the past few months right? (yes, March has been a 
real joy again... it keeps on giving)

Besides, I apply mandatory reviews to myself on zanshin.

> For sure I broke kcontact 2 days ago, but as a friend told me when I started
> to work on kde "We can't create a bug when we don't code..."

And this is true, writing code will create bugs, that's why responsible people 
like safety nets even to the price of throughput.

Now can we use a more adult tone again? Maybe re-read Dan's email again who 
has a more balanced view despite being in a similar situation?

Kevin Ottens,
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