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Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Fri Mar 15 06:59:32 GMT 2019

> Same as if you use Gnome Shell instead of liquidshell, no?
> If the application locks itself in a bad state depending the Desktop in use,
> that's a bug of the application not of the desktop.

Yes and no. KWin can force applications to be on specific activities.

The fact that liquidshell makes no use of activities does not mean that 
activities are disabled. Namely, KWin uses activities, KWin will start the 
activity manager daemon and KWin will handle windows as it does on Plasma.

Dolphin, Gwenview, etc. will still use activities as they do now. Nothing will 
change in that regard.

So, liquidshell doesn't use activities means:
- it does not react to activity changes
- it does not offer a way to switch activities, even if they still exist

Anyhow, while I do find it strange to market a non-feature in the features 
list, I don't have anything against it. If people want to use liquidshell 
instead of plasma or lxqt, why would we stop them?

I don't think we've had 'political' discussions in the review phase before, 
and I don't think we should now.


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