Tipping the apple cart?

James Ramsay james at jramsay.com.au
Mon Jul 1 14:37:07 BST 2019

>> In our move to Gitlab, we can do better.
> Given Gitlab emails contain even less information and context than
> Phabricator which themselves contained even less information and 
> context
> than Reviewboard back then, I don't see how this will change or 
> improve
> anything.

Thanks for the feedback Kai. As the Product Manager for Git and Code 
review at GitLab, I am interested to know which information from 
Phabricator and Reviewboard you miss in email notifications from GitLab?

Is it primarily the previous discussions so that you can better respond 
directly via email? If so, this proposal to include entire discussion 
thread in email notifications 
(https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/40557) which Zsolt is 
looking at might meet your needs. What do you think?

>> Phab sends out an email for every event and comment
> And Gitlab even unexpectedly submits the comments as soon as you close
> the editor rather than in bulk as I would have expected from a proper
> reviewing workflow.

GitLab does support leaving review comments in bulk rather than one at a 
time but it is currently in the GitLab Premium tier. There is a proposal 
(https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/60690) to move it to the 
Core tier (free, GitLab CE) being considered.

Do you have any other feedback about GitLab? I would be very interested 
to organize a video call to hear any wide ranging thoughts on what it 
would take to make GitLab code review better than Phabricator and 
Reviewboard for your needs if you can spare the time.


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