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Kevin Funk kfunk at kde.org
Tue Feb 19 06:35:58 GMT 2019

On Monday, 18 February 2019 17:06:25 CET Michael Reeves wrote:
> https://download.kde.org/stable/applications/18.12.1/src/kdiff3-18.12.1.tar.
> xz
> Get some one tell me how to change where it's trying to download from.
> KDiff3 is not part of applications and doesn't follow the same versioning.


Could you please reconsider that decision and check whether it's not more 
worthwhile making kdiff3 part of KDE Applications? It will save you (as the 
maintainer) and others (distribution packagers) a major headache.

You'll be responsible for releasing kdiff3 now and in the future if you choose 
to do your own release schedule. Let me just say: It's not something which is 
particular entertaining in the long-term. Your KDiff3 involvement will get 
less eventually, and then someone else needs to take over releasing it -- if 
it's part of the KDE Apps cycle it'll be done automatically, no matter what.

KDiff3 is not the type of application which needs its own release cycle, IMO, 
it's too small & "undynamic" [1] for that.


[1] "Undynamic" in a sense that we're likely not going to see drastic UI 
changes on weekly basis which need to get out to users ASAP. At least for 
kdiff3 I'd rather have a conservative approach in that regard, since it's a 
complex tool by definition.

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