CMake config & target challenges on moving to KF5 namespace; dir structure & API dox (Re: Submitting Grantlee as a KF5 Framework)

Christoph Cullmann christoph at
Mon Dec 30 10:55:24 GMT 2019


>> With my KTextEditor hat on: KF6:TextDocument implies somehow a link
>> to QTextDocument or KF6:TextEditor, which both is incorrect, right?
> QTextDocument is exactly what it's about, which makes the name
> KF6::TextDocument fully appropriate and correct.
>> Before starting this work, let's clarify whether we can find a more
>> unique name (like KF6:GrantleeTextDocument).
> The name I suggest is already correct.
>> Since I haven't used Grantlee yet, I sm likely not the best person
>> to find a better name ;)
> Remember, Grantlee is a set of Frameworks (*Just like KF5/6*) which
> happens to contain just TWO independent libraries.

Hmm, I am not that sure about that naming.

I see that it provides stuff with QTextDocument in mind, but 
would in my eyes more look like some generic "enhanced" QTextDocument,
but Grantlee provides a very specific extension.


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