CMake config & target challenges on moving to KF5 namespace; dir structure & API dox (Re: Submitting Grantlee as a KF5 Framework)

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sun Dec 29 14:03:32 GMT 2019

On 28/12/2019 23:30, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> Why are you proposing to do a step back instead to the old state, which
> everyone including you considered not that satisfying?

Because it's a temporary situation. We still have a way forward in KF6 
(which will open in a few months).

Generally, getting Grantlee into KF5 now also establishes the wrong 
precedent. Grantlee should be split into two repos each with a tier 1 
library (KF6::TextDocument and KF6::TextTemplate). The two are 
independent and have nothing to do with each other aside from 
authorship. That seems to be something you were objecting to, so I want 
to make sure that's something addressed on its own. The two KF6 
libraries will then follow the KF6 naming conventions etc.

> I hope my personal objections raised about it becoming an official KF module
> already now have not arrived with you as objection in general.

Not at all. I agree that the two libraries should be consistent with the 
rest of the Frameworks.

> On the
> opposite, I agree with the ideas behind this move. I have just strict feeling
> about KF as a product itself when it comes to consumer as well as cross-module
> ontributor experience.
> So please be aware that I would be sad if you decided to have Grantlee go back
> to lonely cowboy mode :)

Only temporarily :).



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