RKWard is in kdereview

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Oct 10 11:21:05 BST 2018

Very nice

It installs two desktop files which creates duplicate menu entries

The .desktop files call it a "GUI for R" which is not a great
description, everything in the menu is a GUI.  I recommend "R
Statistical Programming" or "IDE for R" maybe.

I tidied up the files with the icon licence as they could easily be lost.

It depends on WebKit which is not supported, could this be ported to WebEngine?

It's uncommon having debian/ packaging directly in the source and
there's also debian-official/ which could get confusing and
out-of-sync and messy.  I recommend moving them to another archive.
Storing the packaging in KDE neon Git would be cool as we already have
packaging for all the rest of KDE software.  Using salsa.debian
pkg-kde team would also make sense but would need different
permissions.  Either way we should get this into Neon, give me a ping
to sort that out.


On Sat, 6 Oct 2018 at 14:47, Thomas Friedrichsmeier
<thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de> wrote:
> Hi!
> KDE.org has been our home for a almost four years, now (after over a
> decade on sourceforge), but somehow I've kept procrastinating on the
> final step: Today I'd like to ask you to start reviewing RKWard for
> inclusion into exragear (coming from playground).
> RKWard is an easy to use and easily extensible IDE/GUI for R (a
> powerful language and environment for statistical computing, if you
> did not know it, yet). It aims to combine the power of the
> R-language with the ease of use of commercial statistics tools.
> RKWard is used productively on Linux/BSD, Mac, and Windows.
> We have quite a heavy code-base, and some of it dates back to the time
> when KDE 3.0 was still fresh. I guess reviewing this will not be an
> easy task, and honestly I have no idea where I would recommend you to
> start. So please just ask whatever you need to know, and I'll try my
> best to help you around.
> Looking forward to your feedback!
> Thomas Friedrichsmeier
> for the RKWard team

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