Installing qml caches

Александр Волков a.volkov at
Thu Jul 12 14:45:36 BST 2018

29.06.2018 02:04, Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer пишет:
> Exactly. But if it the gain is *really important* we might come up with a
> solution maybe, like triggering rebuilds in the user's machine. But the gain
> needs to be really significant.
Using triggers seems to be the best option.
A package can be created that will create/update qml caches.
Thus there is no need to modify existing packages.

Why system caches are better than per-user caches?
1. There is no extra delay when a user starts an application for the 
first time
or after updating libs.
2. Out-of-date caches files are automatically removed.

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